*DEPOSIT - Custom Set (Ears and Tail)

Little Lycan

Regular price $ 20.00

This listing is for a non-refundable deposit for a custom set including ears and a tail. 

Please read all of the information below. We are not responsible for your failure to read the terms of this purchase. If you have any questions, please email little.lycan2016@gmail.com


By purchasing this listing, you are obtaining a custom slot for a pair of ears in a pre-existing style in any color. You may order up to 3 pairs of ears with one listing and 1 tail. If you would rather order 3 sets of ears and no tail, that is fine. The $20 deposit is non-refundable and is deducted from the total price of your order. 

You have 7 business days to contact me with the form below after purchasing the deposit. After I post the listing for the remaining balance, you will have another 7 business days to complete the payment. You cannot pay in installments. If you do not complete the payment, I will not refund you. Below is an estimate of the costs of available ear styles and accessories. If you do not see the ear style you want listed below or try to order more than one tail, I will not make it, and I will not refund you. The prices are higher if they are custom than they would be if they are ready to ship so keep this in mind if you are just buying something that is often made as a ready to ship item. All prices in USD and do not include shipping.

Baby kitten, baby fox, baby wolf, baby bear, baby red panda - minimum $17 - maximum $20
Standard kitten, extra small kitten, fox kit, wolf puppy - minimum $30 - maximum $35
Standard fox, standard bunny, red panda, tiger - minimum $34 - maximum $39
Piercings - generally $0.25 each but plugs and industrial barbells go up to $2 each
Charms - usually $1-2 each but crystals/gems and other accessories may be more
Tails - the price of the tail starts at $12 for 12" and goes up $1 for every inch. for example, a 20" solid colored tail is $20. prices go up based on the complexity of the design.

These ears will only be on headbands. By default, they will be on a black headband, but you may request a silver headband. You may choose from the ear styles listed above. 

For tails, the pattern can not require the entire tail to be painted as this changes the texture of the fur. For example, a calico tail with a white base and dark spots is fine. However, a calico tail with a dark base and light spots is not do-able at this time. 

The attachment options you have for tails are ribbon ties, safety pins, or a combination of both. I will not do anything else. 

The processing time is 14 business days once you have made your final payment. If you have requested an accessory or charm which we have to order, then that will extend your processing time. Sometimes suppliers take upwards of 4 weeks to get items to us, so keep that in mind.


After you have purchased the deposit, please email little.lycan2016@gmail.com with the following form filled out. Keep in mind that you may order up to 2 ears with each deposit:

Order number: (the order number of the deposit that you purchased. it would have been shown to you during checkout and also emailed to you)

Ear style: (choose from baby kitten, baby fox, baby wolf, baby bear, baby red panda, standard kitten, standard fox, standard bunny, standard red panda, extra small kitten, 2 inch kitten, 2 inch wolf, fox kit, wolf puppy, tiger)

Ear Color: (describe the color of the ears in as much detail as possible. we need to know the color of the fronts of the ears, the backs of the ears, the inner shading if applicable, and any patterns like tips or spots)

Accessories: (piercings, bows, etc which are all an additional charge)

Tail style: (choose from fox, wolf, kitten, tiger. I am not doing curved puppy tails, bunny tails, or other species.)

Tail Color: (describe color and pattern)

Tail attachment: (ribbon ties, safety pin, or both)

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