PREMADE tail - natural grey wolf 15"

Little Lycan

Regular price $ 18.00

15" unwired and lightly stuffed wolf style tail but it could also be used for foxes. The base is made from white faux fur. The underside is left white. I have airbrushed black on the tip and a bit on the caudal spot on the tail. There is light grey, dark grey, and a camel color blended on the fur for a semi realistic look. Because of th e black paint, the tip is a little bit rough. However, the rest of the tail, even the grey parts, is soft.

Due to the shortness and shape of this tail, there isn't a lot of movement, however, it is not stiff.

The attachment for this tail is double sided satin ribbon in burgundy. I will not sew a safety pin to this but I can provide you with one if you request it. 

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