PREMADE SET - grey wolf

Little Lycan

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Wolf ears that are approximately 3" tall made of faux fur and on a black metal headband. They have grey backs and white fronts. The edges, tips, and inner shading are black. There are lighter grey accents in the front fluffs and black lightly airbrushed over the grey on the back. These ears do not have the upper tufts on the outer edge like my normal ears. Please refer to the photos.

The tail is about 22" and is an unwired chubby wolf style tail with a pointed tip. It is lightly stuffed. The base faux fur is grey with a black tip. I have painted a blend of black along the top of the tail for added realism.

The attachment for this tail is a double sided satin ribbon in silver. I will not sew a safety pin to this but I can provide you with one if you request it. 

Photos are of the product you will receive. Ships within 1-2 business days.

Please note that all my ears are slightly asymmetrical. If you fluff and style them, it should not be noticeable.

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