Shipping and Processing Information

Shipping Information

Below are approximate prices and times for shipping. I just put the most common combination of items. Shipping times vary and may be influenced by holidays, weather, etc. Some countries also hold packages in customs, and that may account for some delays. All prices in USD:

Product Destination Shipping Type Cost Time
1-2 Pairs of Ears USA Standard 2.54 1-5 Days
1-2 Pairs of Ears USA Priority 6.45 1-3 Days
1-2 Pairs of Ears Canada Standard 9.50 14-21 Days
1-2 Pairs of Ears UK Standard 13.50 5-21 Days
1-2 Pairs of Ears Rest of Europe, Australia Standard 13.50 7-21 Days
Ears and Tail USA Standard 3.94 1-5 Days
Ears and Tail Canada Standard 13.50 14-21 Days
Ears and Tail Europe, Australia Standard 22.50 7-21 Days


Processing Times

Everything is now at 1 month. I think you will find that I work faster than that, but the reason for this is because we are getting a lot of impatient people and want to "protect" ourselves.  Also, sometimes I have issues with my supplies. If you have ordered a custom which requires jewelry like tunnels or new fur, it may take longer, and I am sure that I have notified you on the wait times. Do NOT message me about the status of your order if it is still within one month. I do not want to deal with impatient people.

Customs Charges/Duty Charges/VAT

Customers outside the US may be required to pay additional fees by their country's postal systems. Due to the number of countries we ship to and the evolving nature of the international post's pricing system we will NOT estimate what these charges may be in total. Check with your local postal systems for more information.