International Insured Shipping Waiver

Please be aware, this is now being required due to an increasing number of lost and delayed packages sent abroad. We're fully aware the cost of insured shipping is exorbitant, however we are making zero profit on this fee. It is what the USPS charges us. Roughly 90% of international orders make it to their destinations in excellent condition in a reasonable time window when using standard shipping, however 10% are lost/delayed/stolen. This figure jumps higher for the United Kingdom. Should you choose standard shipping, the following agreement must be acknowledged during the check out process. Keep in mind that with the exception of Canada, standard shipping does NOT come with tracking and Canada's is often delayed once it leaves the USA.

I have read and acknowledged information provided on Little Lycan's FAQs page and International Insured Shipping Waiver page. I understand that I have been provided an opportunity to insure my order but am declining this recommended option. I understand there is risk that my order may be lost or delayed in transit. I agree to accept all risk of a delayed/lost package. I understand that I will not be provided with a full or partial refund for any non-insured lost/delayed/stolen order.