Custom Order Form


Please carefully read the following points and rules for our custom ordering process. Any failure to adhere to the rules posted below will result in your custom request being deleted without response. 

1) Are you sure what you actually want is a custom? Our site offers a wide variety of designs now including tortoise shell, spots, stripes, and calico. We also now regularly stock tails. With that in mind, here are some examples of actual custom requests-

  • New Species
  • New Color Scheme or Pattern
  • Tails outside of our usually stocked length

2) We do not offer any ears on weft clips. We apologize if you had your heart set on weft clips or barrettes but we exclusively design ears on headbands now. 

3) Have you paid for your custom deposit slot? They're posted periodically with our releases and usually on the weekend. When you request a custom order, you must be ready to pay in full within 1 week of your custom listing being posted. If you do not pay in full your custom listing will be deleted. 

4) Have a shipping speed in mind so we can provide a shipping cost estimate. We ship our products using USPS which means you can choose between 1 day, priority (typically 2 days), and 1st class (between 2 and 5 days domestically).

For our international customers, we apologize but we can't quote accurate times on shipment as they vary drastically from country to country (anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks). Furthermore, your country may issue customs charges, which we do not pretend to know, so be prepared to incur that cost as well when your package arrives. 

5) The processing time on custom orders is one month. This does not mean your order will absolutely take 1 month to ship out, some ship the next day, but we allot ourselves a full month to work on any custom order so as to create the best possible product. Please note, this is processing time. This does NOT include shipping time, so factor that in as well if you have time constraints on when you need your order to arrive. If you must have something for a quickly approaching con or photo shoot, we recommend that you purchase the RUSH ORDER OPTION and your processing time will be reduced to 3 business days.

6) You're ready to request a custom! Please copy and paste the following emboldened questions into an email and answer them completely before sending to 

with the subject line


For Ears

What Species?

What Size (If a custom measurement, from the headband to the tip of the ear in inches or cm please)?

What color?

How would you like them shaded?

What level of fluffiness?

Accessories required?

For Tails

What species?

What length (in inches or cm please)?

What pattern?

What color?

Ribbon color?

Accessories required?

Thank you for your interest in our custom orders. We look forward to working with you.