Buyer's Guide

This guide is being posted in an effort to help those that have difficulty obtaining items from our releases. Its tips are created using valuable insight and input from our top regular customers. Yes, I know it's surprising, but we do genuinely have customers that are able to get items consistently and even multiple times per release.


  • Be signed in to your PayPal or have your credit card ready
  • Be signed into your Little Lycan account*
  • Access the website at the time of release (shown on the website banner)
  • For those with slower internet connections, consider using your smartphone. Our website is mobile friendly and your 4G connection may be swifter than your home internet speed.


*Don't feel obligated to have an account with us, but be aware that we don't send junk mail. You'll only receive automated communications regarding order status. I don't have the time to come up with additional promotion schemes and I know these things just clog up people's inboxes. 


Thank you for your support, interest, and taking the time to read this guide.

All The Best,


Little Lycan