About Little Lycan

Hello and thank you for visiting my shop!

My name is Rei, and I run this shop my apartment here in the USA with my fiance. My fiance does 95% of fabric cutting (except for tails), mailing, and handwritten stuff. If something isn't legible, I probably wrote it. I do all of the ear, tail, and felt product construction as well as wrapping the orders.

At the moment I am making ears, tails, and felt products but hope to expand to more. I first posted my handmade ears on Instagram sometime during December 2015, and it began there. If you have any inquiries about your order or possible orders, please don't hesitate to direct message me on instagram (@little.lycan) or contact me through my email hellhalos@gmail.com. I suggest DMing me on instagram rather than email!

I would also like to say that I have three dogs, so my products do come from a pet friendly home. There is absolutely no way of me keeping my dogs away from the fabric. Sorry! The products are not near any perfume or smoke.